Women Rising Meet The Authors - Danielle Chaput

Welcome to the *WOMEN RISING* Meet The Authors series.

I am honoured that these women chose to join me on this journey and share their stories. I would like to introduce you to some of the amazing humans that you will connect with as you flip through the pages of this book...

What is Women Rising?

It is a book written for YOU. A safe space to land where you will feel safe, heard & validated in ALL your feelings and experiences.
Here, we will remind you that you are not alone when the world feels heavy & that you are capable of rising above even when life gets hard.
Obstacles are inevitable, growth it optional. The ability to see it that way - is beautiful.

Meet Danielle.

Hey! I'm Danielle! A Registered Nurse of almost 15 years working in the Intensive Care Unit & an EFT Practitioner. I am the owner of my own small entrepreneurial start up Tapping Into Wellness, an EFT Coaching practice focusing on helping individuals discover their best self through tapping and mindfulness. I live in Ontario Canada with my husband Trevor, our 3 sons Simon, Bryce & James and our goldendoodle Winston!

What inspired you to apply to the Women Rising co-author project?

Women Rising called to me because I want women just like me to learn how to use their struggles to become powerful, to embrace their fear and go for those big hairy goals that scare them most. I wanted to share my story so those in what can sometimes seem like a powerless situation can learn how to reclaim the power they do have to rise above what's happening around them and create the life they want.

What's something you learned about yourself through writing?

I learned that I am stronger than I thought I was, that my story is worthy and that I am so much more beyond the title bestowed upon ourselves and given to us in this world.

What do you hope readers walk way with after reading your chapter in Women Rising?

I hope those who read my chapter leave feeling inspired to look at who they are beyond the titles and roles we hold in this world. Letting go of the only identity I thought I had and being open to other experiences in this world lead me to my greatest revelations about myself. I hope these women learn that they are more powerful than they think and that what we go through really can clear a path we may not have seen coming if we choose to trust and walk it.

As a woman dedicated to Rising, what advice you would give someone that is currently struggling or going through some hard things? What could you tell her to support her in rising above?

Know that those moments where it all comes crashing down are making room for something amazing. Trust in that process and be open to the potential of what's around you. Your next step may be something completely different than what you imagined it would be, and that can be amazing if you let it.

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