Women Rising Meet The Authors - Amanda Diraddo

Welcome to the *WOMEN RISING* Meet The Authors series.

I am honoured that these women chose to join me on this journey and share their stories. I would like to introduce you to some of the amazing humans that you will connect with as you flip through the pages of this book...

What is Women Rising?

It is a book written for YOU. A safe space to land where you will feel safe, heard & validated in ALL your feelings and experiences.
Here, we will remind you that you are not alone when the world feels heavy & that you are capable of rising above even when life gets hard.
Obstacles are inevitable, growth it optional. The ability to see it that way - is beautiful.

Meet Amanda.

What inspired you to apply to the Women Rising co-author project?

I felt called to write and share about my journey. Writing has been a huge part of my healing, and I knew by sharing my story, I had the opportunity to help other's heal as well. This project was announced at the perfect time, and I knew I was meant to be a part of this book!

What's something you learned about yourself through writing?

That I'm not alone. That I'm stronger than ever imagined and that my story is meant to be shared. I am meant to help others feel empowered to rise above tough times!

What do you hope readers walk way with after reading your chapter in Women Rising?

I hope that readers feel empowered and inspired to persevere. I hope that they walk away with new tools to help them work around road blocks, allowing them to come out the other side stronger!

As a woman dedicated to Rising, what advice you would give someone that is currently struggling or going through some hard things? What could you tell her to support her in rising above?

You are not alone and you are stronger than you think! Look deep within and find the strength to rise above and grow from these hard times, rather than letting them define you.

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