Women Rising Meet The Authors - Melinda Melo

Welcome to the *WOMEN RISING* Meet The Authors series.

I am honoured that these women chose to join me on this journey and share their stories. I would like to introduce you to some of the amazing humans that you will connect with as you flip through the pages of this book...

What is Women Rising?

It is a book written for YOU. A safe space to land where you will feel safe, heard & validated in ALL your feelings and experiences.
Here, we will remind you that you are not alone when the world feels heavy & that you are capable of rising above even when life gets hard.
Obstacles are inevitable, growth it optional. The ability to see it that way - is beautiful.

Meet Melinda.

Hi Friends! My name is Melinda and I'm an AUTHOR! It feels so good to say that. I have been married to Mike, the love of my life, for 12 years and we have three beautiful children. We live in Ontario, Canada and run a Landscape Business called Melo Outdoor Living. We are biological, foster, and adoptive parents. I am currently in the editing phase of my memoir which should be released next year!

What inspired you to apply to the Women Rising co-author project?

I want to share my story of hope and resilience with the world. My mother struggled immensely with her mental health and attempted to raise nine unruly children in the poverty of the Toronto Projects. I was placed into foster care twice as a toddler and was given away by my mother in a motel parking lot when I was almost nine years old, and never lived with her again. I wanted to be a mother more than anything, but I worried I wouldn't be a good one because of what I witnessed as a child. Motherhood is hard, there's no doubt about that. It's especially difficult when you have years of generational trauma that keeps trickling down and hurting your family. I want to inspire other women to believe they're worth healing for - for themselves, and for all future generations that will come from them. We can break free from the trauma of our pasts and replace the damaging lies we believed about ourselves with the truth of who we truly are.

What's something you learned about yourself through writing?

I've learned that it's very therapeutic to release bubbling thoughts instead of allowing them to froth over and cause stress. I've learned that women's pain can be drastically different but feel the same. Our stories can unite us in very unique ways.

What do you hope readers walk way with after reading your chapter in Women Rising?

I hope women know how capable they are of doing hard things. I hope they're reminded of their worth and strength. I hope they feel brave enough to say no more to what's holding them back from blooming. I hope their inner child feels like they've been seen and held.

As a woman dedicated to Rising, what advice you would give someone that is currently struggling or going through some hard things? What could you tell her to support her in rising above?

Doing inner child work is HARD but you are worth healing for. Feel what you need to feel. Say what you need to say. No shame. Come as you are. Our burdens are not meant to be carried alone. Find community with other women and galvanize your armour together. I'm with you all the way.

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