Women Rising Meet The Authors - Kerry Gibson

Welcome to the *WOMEN RISING* Meet The Authors series.

I am honoured that these women chose to join me on this journey and share their stories. I would like to introduce you to some of the amazing humans that you will connect with as you flip through the pages of this book...

What is Women Rising?

It is a book written for YOU. A safe space to land where you will feel safe, heard & validated in ALL your feelings and experiences.
Here, we will remind you that you are not alone when the world feels heavy & that you are capable of rising above even when life gets hard.
Obstacles are inevitable, growth it optional. The ability to see it that way - is beautiful.

Meet Kerry.

Kerry Gibson is the owner of Honest as fuck Mom, an intersectional feminism-based shop she started to make radical onesies for her new baby. When she isn’t raising a confident girl, snuggling her pets, running her business or managing the fundraising department of an animal shelter, you will absolutely not find her cleaning or organizing her house. She’ll either be dreaming up her next big project, or watching informative shows, like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

What inspired you to apply to the Women Rising co-author project?

Honestly, just a gut feeling! I liked the sound of the project, I was dealing with secondary infertility at the time without having fully unpacked the earlier things I’d dealt with, and it felt like a healthy version of self-medicating instead of going to therapy.

What's something you learned about yourself through writing?

I’m still very very angry about the wildly counterintuitive healthcare system and the toxicity I had to put up with at my prior place of work. Those two things shook me to my core and made me wish I could stop others from dealing with similar shit.

What do you hope readers walk way with after reading your chapter in Women Rising?

Hope for people who have dealt with similar things, knowledge that advocating for yourself - especially as a cis or trans woman - is so so important to get what you need out of the healthcare system, and the courage to leave toxic work environments and stop settling and putting up with icky behaviour from co-workers and bosses.

As a woman dedicated to Rising, what advice you would give someone that is currently struggling or going through some hard things? What could you tell her to support her in rising above?

Go with your gut. If you think you deserve more, you probably do. If you think your doctors aren’t listening or caring about your concerns, they probably aren’t - but someone out there will if you keep looking and advocating for yourself. If you think your job isn’t worth dealing with toxic people you work with, or a backwards work culture, you are 100% correct and should try to find an environment where you’re valued for the right reasons and where you’ll be able to shine.

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